Filling My Platform Shoes

Do you know what a platform is?  I do.  At least, I thought I did.

Isn’t it a riser, or some form of stage?  (Something you can fall off the edge of when some rebel in the crowd uses flash photography even when they were expressly advised not to?) As a performer, that’s one type of platform I am familiar with.

The word platform also brings to mind an outdated style of shoe from the 70’s that look more like a doorstop than something you wear on your feet.  (Come to think of it, they look a lot like the satanic shoes that are in fashion right now.) They have tall heels that are not only dangerous, but the root of all orthopedic evils. My only hope is that someone trips over them and sues the shoe industry for suggesting that women wear such crippling monstrosities just to look hip. How else will they get the message?

No, the word platform has another meaning to me as an author, one I am trying to wrap my brain around these days.  It refers to an audience, a message, an image.  In other words, what are you saying, and who is listening to you say it?  In light of that definition, I am building a platform slowly but surely, with a message of humor and hope (and it has nothing to do with falling off of stages or shoes, although that would be humorous in the right situation.)

The message is loud and clear in my recently published  book What Didn’t Kill Me Made Me Stronger Funny! (available on and Kindle.) In my book, (which I’ve heard is slightly hilarious, just FYI), I simply sound the thought that life isIMG_0182 hard, unpredictable, and at times disappointing.  It is at the same time joyful, mysterious, and altogether hilarious if you allow yourself to look at it that way.  In other words, you can either laugh or cry on this earth, and I choose to laugh.

So there.  That is my message.  Who is listening to it?
A lot of folks.  Will YOU?

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