The Truth About Vitamin Glee


When I say Vitamin Glee many people assume I’m talking about singing or the hit show Glee.  The truth is, I came up with the term Vitamin Glee and trademarked it long before the show came out, although singing and dancing does provide a great amount of glee in it’s own right.  Rather, I use the term to describe the fantastic health benefit of humor.  

Humor is an amazing path to better health, and is often overlooked in terms of it’s true benefit.  Because I am a Registered Nurse with a background in traditional medicine, I embrace science and solid research, as well as proven methods of alternative medicine.  I am NOT a fan of voodoo or snake oil remedies, and would advise others to steer clear of such nonsense.  That’s why I am so passionate about HUMOR!  It has loads of solid, reliable research to back up the claim that “a cheerful heart” really IS good medicine!  
You can purchase your own “Have You had Your Vitamin Glee Today?” 3-cd set on iTunes. If you enjoy the lessons of how to incorporate humor into your every day parenting skills, let me know! You can tweet me @sallybaucke. Make sure to use the Vitamin Glee hastag #VitaminGlee!! 
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Laugh out loud with us today! What thoughts are resonating with your funny bone?

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