Top 10 HAH Takeaways

For #throwbackthursday, I thought I would recap some of my top Hearts at Home conference memories. One of the best ways to stay fresh as a mom is to attend a Hearts at Home conference. The national conference was recently held in Normal Illinois. Whether you were there or not, I think you will appreciate the Top 10 Things I Loved About the HAH conference:

10. I got to spend a little time with Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner) and discovered a little known fact: the gentleman who walked her down the aisle on the show is also her father in real life. How cool is that? (She thought so too!)


9. I found out that losing your hair as a result of chemotherapy is something to laugh through, not cry about, thanks to my friend and Hearts founder Jill Savage. I love your courage, Jill! You continue to lead the way!

8. Who knew that there are other women out there who love sparkly objects as much as I do! (And no, you may not have my sparkly Converse! LOL!)

7. Speaking of LOL-ing, I found out that having a night of Depends-able laughter is a highly therapeutic way to spend your evening. Laughter= Perspective= Loving Your Life!

6. My eyes were opened to the organization and the amazing Dr. Kathy Koch. I loved listening to her speak in such a self-aware and encouraging manner. She reminded us of the need to celebrate each child’s individual personality and uniqueness. Look her up, she’s amazing!

5. I learned that when it comes to the never-ending battle against unwanted chin hair I am not alone! ‘Nuf said! J

4. It was wonderful to know that my own family could sustain themselves while I was away. My house wasn’t totally clean when I got home, but it hadn’t been condemned either. A step in the right direction!

3. I didn’t shave my legs for 3 whole days and I did not care one bit.

2. I was encouraged to know that a film company in Hollywood cares enough about moms to make a movie called Mom’s Night Out, which will make us laugh and feel uplifted about our lives as moms. It opens May 9th in theaters across the country.

1. I met a ton of wonderful moms who made ME laugh til I piddled myself! Thank you! I needed that!

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1 Response to Top 10 HAH Takeaways

  1. Kathy Koch, Ph.D. says:

    I loved, loved, loved meeting you, too. Your perspective is beautiful and you are beautiful. You enhanced what I was privileged to do at the Hearts at Home convention and I’m glad. I declare that you are cool!

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