Abreast of the Mammo Comedy

Ok. So I’m a nurse and a comedian (an odd skill set to be sure), which means sometimes I get a little crazy on stage with the body stuff  because nurses just speak a different language.  However, I was reminded this weekend at the Hearts at Home 2014 Regional Conference that just about every woman speaks breast.

Lets face it. No matter who you are, most post-puberty women think about their breasts.  Large, small (“fun size”) and everything in between, it doesn’t matter.  Women care about their breasts.  I just want us all to care FOR them too!

That is why I love including some mammogram comedy in my act.  It’s a great way to let everyone know that breast care is something we all need to be aware of, and that no woman is alone in that journey.  And isn’t laughing about it a better way to deal with the stress of the unknown that to be afraid of it? (Just say yes, and we’ll move on.)

So if you haven’t done a self breast exam in awhile, start today.  And if it’s time to make your appointment for that wonderfully fun and fabulous “Squish-em-up” and you know you need to, reach for the phone while you watch my YouTube clip and get in the right mindset about going.

Remember, breast cancer is no laughing matter.  But a mammogram… well, for me, that’s a different story.  (So I told it!)

Click here to watch my video!

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