Are Things Looking Up for You?

When is halfway good?  When you reach the halfway mark between deployment and DSC01917homecoming.  We just passed that mark with my Army officer son Cooper’s time in Afghanistan, and for that I am thankful.  Mozzie is glad too (yes, I’ve become the Great Dane whisperer), so why is Cooper’s dog looking up?  My inner puppy tells me he is looking to the hills, at least I hope he is.  That’s where we all need to be looking right now.

Four years ago Cooper took me to a special place in Vermont where he went to clear his head during college.  He showed me a rock on a hill that was carved with these words:

I lift mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. 

Cooper found comfort in those words, as have many for thousands of years.  He was surprised to learn that I too knew those words.  Ok, so I heard them first from The Reverend Mother in The Sound of Music, but those words were from the Bible, Psalm 121:1 to be exact.

So why are we told to look up? Is God really up? Does He reside in the stratosphere?  Perhaps the Bible suggests we are supposed to be looking to the hills, which are inherently up, because we cannot see what lies on the other side and in our natural human state, we want to see what we put our trust in. The hills obscure our vision, and we have to trust more to believe that God is actually on the other side waiting to deliver us. If He were in the valley, or in the low land we could see His every move.  This way, we have to look, wait, expect, and hardest of all, trust.

Just today I spoke with Cooper.  He is safe and in good health, but our world is on fire. Honest policeman in our communities are under fire, family values are under fire, and the ideals of democracy are under fire.  All of this disturbs me greatly. None of us know what will happen next.  So I will lift mine eyes to the hills and wait for the only help which will help us all now.

Mozzie is looking, waiting, and trusting.  Will you do the same?


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