The Truth About Vitamin Glee


When I say Vitamin Glee many people assume I’m talking about singing or the hit show Glee.  The truth is, I came up with the term Vitamin Glee and trademarked it long before the show came out, although singing and dancing does provide a great amount of glee in it’s own right.  Rather, I use the term to describe the fantastic health benefit of humor.  

Humor is an amazing path to better health, and is often overlooked in terms of it’s true benefit.  Because I am a Registered Nurse with a background in traditional medicine, I embrace science and solid research, as well as proven methods of alternative medicine.  I am NOT a fan of voodoo or snake oil remedies, and would advise others to steer clear of such nonsense.  That’s why I am so passionate about HUMOR!  It has loads of solid, reliable research to back up the claim that “a cheerful heart” really IS good medicine!  
You can purchase your own “Have You had Your Vitamin Glee Today?” 3-cd set on iTunes. If you enjoy the lessons of how to incorporate humor into your every day parenting skills, let me know! You can tweet me @sallybaucke. Make sure to use the Vitamin Glee hastag #VitaminGlee!! 
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Eat your veggies.  Exercise.  Avoid sugar.  Get regular check-ups.  In terms of staying healthy, we’ve heard all of this before.  But have you ever heard that laughing your tail off is another way to improve your health?

In SEVEN days, I will be leading a workshop in Bloomington, Illinois at the Hearts at Home moms conference where I will be promoting just that… The idea that a laugh or two (or more!) a day can help keep the doctor away.  

Just as importantly, it can help those you love stay healthier too.  Stay tuned for a daily peek into the fun, fabulous, and yes, free (I said FREE people!) way to get a healthy dose of what I call Vitamin Glee! 


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Filling My Platform Shoes

Do you know what a platform is?  I do.  At least, I thought I did.

Isn’t it a riser, or some form of stage?  (Something you can fall off the edge of when some rebel in the crowd uses flash photography even when they were expressly advised not to?) As a performer, that’s one type of platform I am familiar with.

The word platform also brings to mind an outdated style of shoe from the 70’s that look more like a doorstop than something you wear on your feet.  (Come to think of it, they look a lot like the satanic shoes that are in fashion right now.) They have tall heels that are not only dangerous, but the root of all orthopedic evils. My only hope is that someone trips over them and sues the shoe industry for suggesting that women wear such crippling monstrosities just to look hip. How else will they get the message?

No, the word platform has another meaning to me as an author, one I am trying to wrap my brain around these days.  It refers to an audience, a message, an image.  In other words, what are you saying, and who is listening to you say it?  In light of that definition, I am building a platform slowly but surely, with a message of humor and hope (and it has nothing to do with falling off of stages or shoes, although that would be humorous in the right situation.)

The message is loud and clear in my recently published  book What Didn’t Kill Me Made Me Stronger Funny! (available on and Kindle.) In my book, (which I’ve heard is slightly hilarious, just FYI), I simply sound the thought that life isIMG_0182 hard, unpredictable, and at times disappointing.  It is at the same time joyful, mysterious, and altogether hilarious if you allow yourself to look at it that way.  In other words, you can either laugh or cry on this earth, and I choose to laugh.

So there.  That is my message.  Who is listening to it?
A lot of folks.  Will YOU?

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Kalling all Kindlers!


Are you an e-reader looking for a super-fun, easy read for Labor Day Weekend?   Well here it is!   The long-awaited electronic conversion of my new book “What Didn’t Kill Me Made Me Funny!”  is now available on!  It’s a LOL funny, yet poignant memoir of my journey from childhood to “with child.”  Ready…set…..DOWNLOAD!  🙂


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Is Your Laugh Half Fun or Half Empty?

ImageMy dentist’s office loves my new book (ok, so it’s my only book), What Didn’t Kill Me Made Me Funny! The entire staff came to my book signing party, and have ordered scads of copies to be sent around the world. (Thank you thank you thank you!) The book has opened many doors for conversations with my dear readers, one of whom works in that office. She shared a story with me from her childhood, a sweet and sour revelation that I will hold in confidence with the same vigilance she uses to protect my gleaming white enamel. She ended her story by saying “I haven’t found the funny in it yet.”

Her comment made me think. It also made me sad. When we have disappointments in life, our tendency is to see the pain, or frustration, rather than the comical side of the equation, isn’t it? Yet it really is all about how we look at life that matters. Adding a laugh or two in every situation can turn a half-empty heart into a half-full spirit.

Of course, not every situation is laugh-able, even 20 years after the fact. On the other hand, 20 years is a long time to hold on to a hurt that can eat us up from the inside out. Oh sure, many of us say we have forgiven and forgotten, but if you are like me, even if you’ve “buried the hatchet”, you can probably remember the exact spot where you buried it, so you can dig it up again if properly motivated.

That’s what I love about laughter. Contrary to what grandma might say, time does not heal all wounds. But laughter can help speed it along, as well as promote healing where there was only pain. Laughing about something painful doesn’t make it go away, but it does help us see the situation differently, and that different perspective is the key. Finding the funny in everyday life doesn’t insulate us against strife. It simply helps us bury the proverbial hatchet, and grow daisies over the burial site so we see something lovely instead of something dead underneath. Sowing seeds of mirth gives us the ability to cope with life’s sweet and sour moments, and let’s us see the glass as half full, rather than half empty.

What about you? How do you fill up your cup of cheer?

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Laugh Until You Leak…not!
















Headed out to deliver your college student?  Going on a girl’s weekend?  No matter your destination, I hope you laugh all the way!  And when you do, you’ll want to have some of these on hand!  Oil leaks are socially acceptable…. personal leaks, not so much.

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The Ties that Double-Bind

I hate double binds, don’t you?  It seems like every other day a situation comes up where I am caught between choices and somehow, someone is disappointed in the choice I make,  even if that someone is me.

Take last week for example: I wanted to get back to writing my book and making real headway towards the submission of my manuscript.  The week was open and my head plans were set, that is, until we received a call asking if we could take in a teenage boy in a crisis situation.  It was a short interruption, four days in length, but an interruption none the less.  I counted it all joy to be of help, but I also counted the moments until I could get back to writing.

The lawn continued to grow during that time, so mowing and weeding were necessary to avoid looking like the Clampetts, so there goes another half a day.  In addition,the mouths in the family zoo continued to open for feeding,  and the food doesn’t walk in by itself.  I want to provide nutritious food on a budget, but fast food isn’t healthy, and food high in nutrients isn’t cheap.  As I chopped and stirred at the stove, I saw my dreams of a completed manuscript vaporize like the steam off the vegetables.

Once the dishes were humming away in the dishwasher and the grass stains set soaking in the tub, the family beckoned me to sit down for a movie and spend time with them.  Tomorrow my sons will be one day closer to leaving the nest, and one of them is only home for a few days this summer as it is, so I acquiesce to their loving request.  On the screen I watch the show, but in my head I see a different screen waiting to be revised and submitted to the ever-waiting publisher.

At the end of the day, my husband asks how close I am to actually making money from the book which is sitting left unfinished.  Not one inch closer, and that is the truth.  And somehow I suspect tomorrow will be no different.

Someone will need me.  Someone will be unhappy if I am not there.  Someone will ask if I can help them do something that is not in alignment with my career goals and I will say yes to them, knowing that true ministry does not always come in the form of a manuscript, but is scripted moment by moment in the serving of others.   And at the end of the day, when someone asks me how much I earned, I will have to answer “a lot”, knowing that my currency and theirs are not always the same, and hoping they are okay with that.

What kind of double bind are you facing today?



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